What we supply:
We supply coffee maker, toaster, blender, telephone, Cable TV with HBO, DVD, pots, pans, utensils, other kitchen supplies, lobster pot, plates, glasses, silverware, iron & ironing board, hair dryer, toilet paper, dishwashing liquid, washing machine liquids, all bedding with sheets and blankets as well as all bath towels.

Daily Housekeeping:
We will exchange towels and remove trash daily. All our suites are very well stocked and our bedding is of very high quality. All suites are air-conditioned and have gas fireplaces. And YES every suite has unobstructed ocean views!

What you need to bring:
Guests need to bring beach items such as towels, chairs, etc. We provide outside chairs for your desk area, but their are not to be used o the beach.


Thank You for considering the Crow’s Nest Resort! We want to do everything we can to ensure your vacation is everything you expect it will be. Please take a moment to review our rules below. They have been carefully drafted to help maintain the quite enjoyment of all guests staying at the property. 

  • NO PET of any kind including but not limited to cats, dogs, birds, etc. are allowed on the property including the beach and/or parking area. Any violation will result in the loss of the security deposit and require the immediate removal of the animal.
  • SMOKING IS NOT PERMITTED inside any suite. Smoking outside of suites is allowed ONLY in those areas specifically designated as “smoking permitted areas” by appropriate signage.
  • Candles are NOT permitted anywhere on the property.
  • Please bring your own towels for swimming & beach use. Bath towels are not to be removed from rooms.
  • Bicycles are NOT allowed in suites. A bike rack will be provided. Roller blades, skateboards, scooters and the like are not permitted.
  • Use of all Resort property inside and out including our private beach are for the exclusive use of registered guests only. No guest of guests are allowed.
  • We do not provide grills. If you wish to grill we only allow propane grills due to fire concerns, no charcoal please. Grilling is allowed ONLY in those areas specifically designated as “grilling permitted areas” by appropriate signage. Grills must be stored at grilling area only. Grills may not be stored in any building or on any deck.
  • Active sports are to take place only on the beach and not any deck or common area. Please refrain from running on balconies, boardwalks and common areas.
  • Sound travels easily here on the ocean at any volume. Please refrain from making noise that could bother other guests, particularly between the hours of 10:00 p.m. through 8:00 a.m. “quiet hours” within or outside of your cottage. Headphones are required outside of your cottage for radios and the like.
  • No hammocks, clothes lines, clothes racks, towels or any other such device or other item may be installed or hung on the exterior/interior of any building. Outdoor furniture as well as all suite contents including kitchen items are unique to each unit and are not to be interchanged within units nor should any inside furniture be moved outside. Likewise, outside furniture is not permitted inside.
  • No more than two vehicles are permitted per suite without written permission from the manager. Only those cars registered with the manager are allowed on the property. Unregistered vehicles are subject to tow at owner’s expense. No Boats, trailers, campers, RV’s or the like will be allowed on the premises.


3:00 PM


10:00 AM